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  1. Jenny
    Jenny at |

    I love how you explain everything…..very easy to understand!!!!!!

  2. xavier
    xavier at |

    you should check out VANGUARD by refx. i like this one better cuz you can actually create your own sounds.

  3. Reuben
    Reuben at |

    Massive a vst bomb! Even if you don’t make dubstep or DnB, it is just amazing all round. And with the aid of fl studio automation I swear it’s possible to do absolutely anything with it. Most well spent $250 of my (producing) life! Hahaha

    1. Riley Weller (GratuiTous)
      Riley Weller (GratuiTous) at |

       I’ve tried the demo, I know what your saying by do anything with it.  The features are so complex, which is good!


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