The Basic Tools for the Beginner Producer

On this page, I have recommended my favorite products I use.

Let’s get into this!

Must Have Drum Kit Bundles

Bundles mean extra savings, and a lot of my favorite sound kits are in these bundles:

Cream of the Crop – Featuring 3 of my personal favorite kits, reaching into all genres you are wanting to create.

Drum Bundle TRIO – It’d be hard to find higher quality sounds than Xclusive-Audio’s Drum Bundle TRIO!

P.S. – If you use the coupon CREAMYTRIO you can save 25% if you purchase both Cream of the Crop + Drum Bundle TRIO at the same time.

Sound Packs

Be careful when you buy sound kits – some companies sell construction kits which contain loops created by other people. I prefer one-hit sample kits to create beats from scratch.

Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 1 – Hip-Hop drums do not get better than this!

808 Drums by SoundsinHD – 808’s with hand-crafted quality by SoundsinHD. (Organized by note!)

Survival Drum Kit – JAM-PACKED with over 140 kick drums alone – Xclusive-Audio always hits home in their sound kits.

High Impact – This kit took my production career to the next level. These kicks mean business and the percussion has the right amount of reverb!

SoundsinHD Vol. 1 – SHD’s first release, and a CLASSIC! This is still used in my productions (writing this as of March. 1, 2014!).

Recommended Sound Kit Companies

Here’s a quick list of sound pack companies I recommend: – Lowest price on the internet by 20% OFF! – stresses quality within all of its products. – TheProducersChoice is a trusted source of high quality products. – Amazing hand-crafted drums, and have been in the game for over 8+ years! – Xclusive-Audio ALWAYS HITS HOME with their sound kits. Always jam packed with variety and quantity, and priced to sell. – Cool store with a unique approach on selling their products – Just want drums? Buy just the drums folder. Just want snares? – You get the point. – I’ve never purchased a sound kit so weak in my life.. I’m not one to put down companies either. Read the story here – however their customer service was very helpful!


I’ve said it before, don’t suffer from gear lust! – Purchase your set of high quality sounds once, and work with it!

Anyways, here’s a quick list of VSTs that I personally use and recommend:

Nexus 2 – Nexus 2 has been a phenomenal plugin since I purchased it. The makers of Nexus 2 are

Harmor – Harmor really impressed me with its sound quality in compared to Image-Line’s other VSTs. It’s definitely a competitor in this industry.

Sylenth1 – Although the plugin feels outdated when using it, it’s an industry standard.


Along the journey of Beatstruggles, I’ve released a few free sounds:

GratuiTous Nexus 2 Expansion Vol. 1 – Here’s a bunch of Nexus 2 expansions I’ve tweaked/modified to my liking while beatmaking.

GratuiTous Harmor Presets Vol. 1 – 25 FREE Harmor presets to use royalty free! – Enjoy!

GratuiTous FREE Risers + Transitions Vol. 1 – A bunch of SFX and Transitions to give your song structure!

GratuiTous’ Reverb Layers Vol. 1 – I was tinkering with a pre-amp and an audio cable and discovered some real cool sounds. Get 59 Reverb Layers free!

Helpful Tools

Audacity – A free tool to record and edit audio. Very helpful when FL Studio just isn’t cutting it!

MP3Tag – If you don’t know about ID3 Tagging, this is free software to helps your producer name and logo (yes an image) pop up on listener’s phones and car decks!


Alright, so that is it for now! – I will be updating this page upon new favorites and recommendations of mine.

Remember, don’t suffer from gear lust. Invest in quality the first time, and work with what you got!

If you have any questions, just comment below!

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  1. Jazz
    Jazz at |

    Just wondering if there was a way to view your tutorials in order of skill level. I noticed it only groups all the videos in either beginner or advanced but is there a way to sort each video into a series? I could have missed it.

  2. Xami
    Xami at |


    I had previously been using my PC keyboards to send midi-data into FL but I have reasoned its time for me to upgrade. The problem now is there are so many options out there and besides, I am only a production enthusiast although trying to master the art to accompany my songwriting: with many options out there and on a very low/tight budget especially since i would be shipping any gear into my country of residence which is very expensive comparing the exchange rate. My question is, what basic kits would you recommend?

    I have had my eyes on the presonous music creation suite which is compact enough (except that i would have prefered a t least a 61keys) and relatively cheap but i am a bit scared based on very little reviews on it. Another option on my mind the presonous audiobox itwo bundle, Behringer Uphoria umc204HD audio interface but am a bit afraid. If you would not mind, can you advice me or recommend something for a low budget but would still get desired job done… I will fondly appreciate your favoravble reply.

    Thank You,


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