Terms And Conditions

Pages you must understand:

  • Affiliate Disclaimer – When clicking links to third-party products, Beatstruggles could receive commission if proceeding with a purchase.
  • Privacy Policy – How users personal information is handled. (Account information, newsletters, commenting on Beatstruggles etc.)

Here at Beatstruggles, the rules are simple and straight forward. If you do not agree with any of these rules, please refrain from using Beatstruggles.com

Beatstruggles expects that you’ve read these terms and conditions prior to using its website. Therefore, Beatstruggles.com will not be liable for any harm or damage to you or your assets from using this website.


Trolling is not acceptable at Beatstruggles, neither is defaming another user.

Personal opinions are encouraged, as these make for good discussion, but online-bullying or anything of the like will not be tolerated.


Users agree they will not tamper, nor attempt to tamper, with this website. This includes finding vulnerabilities and proceeding with malicious activities.

If you find a bug, vulnerability, security issue, or poor browsing experience, please contact Beatstruggles.

Links – Inbound/Outbound

Links are used all throughout Beatstruggles.

Some links are inbound, which direct you to other pages on Beatstruggles.com.

Some links are external, which send you to another website. Beatstruggles has no control over the content which is on that website, and is used at your own risk.

Some links are Affiliate Links, which are also outbound links. These may provide commissions to Beatstruggles if the end user follows through with purchase.

Pictures on the Site

Images used on Beatstruggles are copyright of Beatstruggles. Do not use any images on this website without approval. Please ask if you’d like to use an image.

User Creation

If creating a user account on Beatstruggles’ shop, please use a new password which is unique from all other websites you use. This is only for your benefit, protecting any personal information which hackers/attackers can use against you.

Create passwords with lower and uppercase letters, digits, and special characters with a minimum of 14 characters!

Licensing and Distribution

All products are copyright of Beatstruggles, and shall not be distributed except to the purchaser, which is granted a non-exclusive license to use the product.

The non-exclusive license grants you the right to watch and learn from the video, or use the sounds 100% royalty free in your productions.

These videos or sounds shall not be redistributed publicly in any way which grants another access to a product from Beatstruggles without purchase.

If a user is caught distributing illegally, Beatstruggles will seek the greatest possible disciplinary action to correct this issue, and receive funds if applicable.

You agree to not share/redistribute your purchased product, as your purchase grants only you a single non-exclusive license solely for your sake.

By preventing unlicensed users (those who have not paid) from accessing Beatstruggles’ products, more time can be used to focus on new courses, sounds, and tools to benefit you. (Even if that’s free videos!)

Delivery Methods of Product

Products for sale on Beatstruggles could be physical or digital.

Physical products would be something tangible, and be shipped to you.

The customer must pay all shipping freight, including returns. It is Beatstruggles’ duty to ship your purchase in a timely manner. Beatstruggles will use only the shipping address given at checkout, and will not be held responsible for lost funds if your shipping address you provided is incorrect when shipped.

All shipped products will contain a tracking number for proof to both parties (shipper and receiver).

Digital products would be a digital file which available to instantly download upon purchase. (This could be sound kits, courses, e-books etc.)

Digital products will be recorded in your account in case any problems arise with your order.

Product Refunds

All digital products have a 30-day guarantee refund. Don’t like the product? No worries. Just contact me to figure that out before 30 days is up!

Physical products are final sale, but if you’re having trouble for any reason, please contact me as well. I only want you to be happy with any purchase at Beatstruggles.

Please visit the frequently asked questions for more info on purchases.

Last Updated July 1, 2015