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Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop

This is by far the most well-rounded bundle for urban production. Amazing 808’s, hard-bodied hip-hop drums, and humongous drums.

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Drum Bundle Trio

Drum Bundle TRIO

When you hear the company name Xclusive-Audio, expect get high quality. Featuring 3 industry leading drum kits with over 2,500 sounds!

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Anno Domini Vol. 1

Anno Domini Vol. 1

This kit was a huge eye-opener to what hip-hop drums should be. I strongly suggest this kit for hard-bodied hip-hop beats.

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808 Drums by SoundsinHD

808’s by SoundsinHD

Hand-crafted by SoundsinHD and sampled off the sought-after Roland TR-808! Meticulously organized, with amazing quality, these 808’s make subwoofers push mad air!

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