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This is an E-Book guided course. What this means is you read the E-Book until it tells you to STOP! and watch a video. When the video is complete, continue to read until the next video.

This course is geared to the back-end of production, learning about automation, and growing your brand.

We discuss music folder structure, secrets to using a newsletter effectively, and even cover handling business financials.

You will also discover techniques to save time with templates, which still produce high quality results.

  • Video Length: 1 Hour, 24 Min (5.82 GB)
  • Specs: 1280x720p (.mp4)
  • Included: 46 Page E-Book, 5 Videos,
    3 Spreadsheet Templates
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones etc.
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Organized Audio Business is an E-Book guided course.

It contains 46 pages loaded with information from my own trial and errors, 5 videos further discusses the main points of the course, and 3 templates to help you track your business financials.

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Main Course Points:

  • The Mindset of a Producer – Discover what I call The Complete Product Process freeing time, and building genuine relationships.
  • Why Get a Newsletter – Grow your brand on auto-pilot. Yes, even while you sleep, or while working your current full-time job.
  • A Specific Music Folder – This is your structure and your backbone. Remove the potential of missing files ever again by learning my folder structure and proper labeling of files.
  • Learn about Different Revenue Streams – Many producers focus solely on selling beats and sound kits. There’s more ways to make money as a producer!
  • Money Management Tactics – Learn how to track your income vs. your expenses and be ready for tax season, while others will still be crunching numbers!

My Trial and Errors will Save your Mistakes:

This course was over a year in the making. I’ve tried to add many foundational points, especially tasks I’ve had to learn the hard way. (One of those points would be missing files when recalling old iTunes albums!)

Even when it came to selling beats, I always felt scrambled, especially for only $25 a lease, making the transaction not even worth the effort! But what I have discovered is the complete product process, which teaches you to prepare yourself, so you can even be making sales on your lunch break at work!

This allows myself to be organized, and upon email enquiry of a potential sale, it’s all just a matter of accepting payment and sending the download link. (Or if you want to get advanced, using a link tracker; more info on that in the course.)

Almost Like it’s a One on One Conference:


Discussing in-depth how to effectively use a newsletter.

Through our videos, I’m talking with you ever step of the way.

I share my experiences on routes I have taken, what common practices are (so you know if you should avoid fitting in with the crowd), and how to do casual maintenance of services to keep your expense costs low.

Structure your Business’ Back-End:

This has been a sweat, blood, and tears course to complete. But it’s done, and available for instant download.

If you decide to purchase, I hope this e-book guided course gives your business structure, and professionalism.

Riley !


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