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All About Filters

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This filters tutorial will blow you away.

Just when you felt your productions couldn't get any better, there's something I'd like to introduce to you.

They're called filters – Go ahead, look them up on YouTube. But the way I explain things, you get real world practice of these, rather than just a “simple tutorial”.

This tutorial used to be free on YouTube, but I have decided to classify this as a premium tutorial.

This course will provide you major results, and open your understanding to another level of audio production.

Come learn about filters.

  • Video Length: 1 Hour, 2 Min (1.52 GB)
  • Specs: 1280x720 (.mp4)
  • Included: 1 Video, 17 Page E-Book
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones etc.
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All-About-Filters E-BookThis course also includes a 17 page e-book further discussing tips such as:

  • Arrangement
  • Workflow
  • Automation Clips
  • Sends

Welcome to All About Filters.

This course used to be a free tutorial on YouTube, but has turned premium. It received amazing feedback. Check out these statistics!:

YouTube Stats
Photo taken May 25, 2015

Real-world, “Actual Process” Shown

People liked this course so much because I gave them a real-world process of how a producer would actually use filters.

Here’s a quick run-down of the course process:

  • A quick introduction to what a filter is
  • A pre-made beat is presented which lacks arrangement and excitement
  • We start at the intro, and work our way to the finish.
  • We spice up the beat by applying filters with automation, molding powerful transitions, and even creating a sound effect riser right before your eyes!

So with that said, and a few amazing testimonials below, here’s an in-depth overview of why viewers loved this course, and hopefully why you will, too!

A power-point slideshow starts off the course:

All About Filters Powerpoint Slide

Learning the Basics of Filters

EQ Slope Steepness

Basic filters are introduced and I let you hear some common effects we hear within the industry when people use filters.

This basic filter introduction is very quick because the goal is to actually show the power of filters in your tracks!

(I also point out what resonance is, and the benefits it can bring as well.)

Resonance on a Filter
Showing resonance in action.

Pre-made Beat Presented

The pre-made beat is heard and lacks engagement; it has that repetitive amateur sound.

After listening to the beat, we dive right into the course!

All About Filters Powerpoint Slide
Basic structure is laid, but arrangement is weak.
We enhance the track with filters and other goodies!

Huge Love from Previous Viewers

Before we go further, here’s some amazing YouTube comments the course received:

Product Feedback

And here’s another quick one:

Product Feedback

Viewers loved this course not just for learning about filters, but seeing my workflow and shortcuts. I tend to explain what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and HOW I’m doing it.

This course relates to all genres. It shows how powerful filters are, and once you’re aware of them, bring huge power to any audio track.

The “Now-What” Syndrome”

This is where producers get stuck. They’ve learned to make beats, they know how to mix, and they know their way around their music program pretty well.

But there still seems to be that something lacking.

Filters are the next step in advancing a producers’ journey.

Communicating Audio with your Listener:

How does a painter who paints pictures communicate with their audience? They use different colors, as well as many other tools!

So, what do we have as producers to communicate with our audience?

Filters are a type of paintbrush which producers use to paint an audio picture for their listeners.

In much the same way a painter uses different colors and materials to give their painting its final look, we use tools such as filters to paint our audio picture.

Think of your production as drawing a picture in pencil. But then using filters and other tools to give color to the final image.

(More tips about communicating with a listener in the e-book and video!)

Automation clips – Automatic Movement!

At the beginning of the video, I show the power of a filter’s sound only by manually moving my mouse. But in real-world practice.. we need these filters following instructions we set for it!

We use automation clips which allow automatic movement for tension build-up!

Tips are shown for creating automation clips, how to use them, and organize them!

Automating our Filters
Automated filters give movement and excitement!

More Amazing YouTube Feedback!

Product Feedback
Product Feedback
Product Feedback

Step-by-Step Walk-Through

You get to see my workflow – I’m a quick worker inside FL Studio, yet organized.

Watch how I create sound effects, use white noise, and apply filters for ultimate tension.

See filters applied with concrete arrangement in place
Filters are applied to the final pre-chorus before the last chorus drop.

Custom Made Sound Effects

I even create a custom riser effect from scratch, apply an automation clip to effect its pitch, and use filters to enhance its tension!

We use FL Studio’s 3xOSC to make an awesome hyped riser SFX. Of course, each part is shown step by step!:

Creating SFX Riser
Using 3xOSC to create a sound effect in the piano roll.

So, think this course is for you?

If your music continually feels like it’s lacking something, this course should help break that.

All About Filters received awesome feedback while on YouTube, and hopefully it will be just as helpful to you.

There’s always the 30-day money back guarantee if you feel the course isn’t for you.

$50.00 $15.00

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