A Specific Music Production Folder

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If you've ever had an error message telling you, “Missing Files”, then this video will show how to organize yourself for the long-term.

Not only have I had missing files, but FL Studio has replaced files of similar names! (Verse 1 of another song replaces my current song's Verse 1!)

It's a horrible experience which can be easily avoided by following the tips shown in this video.

  • Video Length: 17 Min, 35 Sec (700MB)
  • Specs: 1280x720 (.mp4)
  • Included: 1 Video, 7 Page E-Book, Custom Music Folder Template (Adjust to taste.)
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones etc.
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This video is taken from Organized Audio Business

Chosen for single sale because the folder structure has been helpful to my own workflow.

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What Does the Folder Structure Look Like?

If you’re apart of Beatstruggles’ free course, then I said you get a free version of this course. That is, you get the pictures showing the folder structure.


In the premium version, I create this folder structure from scratch with you, explaining my reasoning for each folder, and why I’ve come to a conclusion of why I decided to create each folder for myself.

Specific Music Production Folder Structure
Here’s a glance at the folder tree structure.

What’s all Covered in the Video?

This video will show you how to not only avoid missing/replaced files, but structure yourself as a beatmaker come sale time.

If you’ve ever sold a lease before, how do you keep track of sales? How do you know which beats are for sale vs. your beats that have already been sold?

Also, is your transaction process as quick as possible? If you’re doing more than 10 minutes of work just for a lease transaction, your cutting into valuable time!

We cover all this step-by-step:

  • Create a Main folder – This is the main structure upon which your production career is based off of.
  • Create Sub-folders – Hear why I have created these sub-folders and labeled them with their certain titles.
  • Proper Labeling – See how I label/structure my files inside folders for long-term organization and readability.
  • Backing Up Sounds – This provides security to the individual song’s sounds if you ever delete sound kits down the road.

This course may leave you with missing sounds in old beats since you’d be restructuring your music file structure. But from the day you make the change on-ward, you’re structured, and backed-up for the long-term.

Are you ready to set-up your music foundation?

$25.00 $10.00

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