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  1. Owens Ehimen
    Owens Ehimen at |

    UMM there are some riffs under the simsynth category in legacy and i find those riffs very useful and i use them. so is it legal to use already made riffs in a song and publish it?? pls reply its urgent

  2. Steven Galvin
    Steven Galvin at |

    This is very helpful and has shed light on the world of beat making. My buddy and I are just getting into the music scene, and I’ve decided to take on the task of beat producer. I’ve bookmarked this page and I’m definitely going to revisit it as I get stuck on things. Thanks for the informative post! Have a great day

  3. Kyu Tracks
    Kyu Tracks at |

    You really summed it all up in just one blog post. I think you did a good job and its definately smth to follow along for starters!


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