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  1. Owens Ehimen
    Owens Ehimen at |

    UMM there are some riffs under the simsynth category in legacy and i find those riffs very useful and i use them. so is it legal to use already made riffs in a song and publish it?? pls reply its urgent

  2. Steven Galvin
    Steven Galvin at |

    This is very helpful and has shed light on the world of beat making. My buddy and I are just getting into the music scene, and I’ve decided to take on the task of beat producer. I’ve bookmarked this page and I’m definitely going to revisit it as I get stuck on things. Thanks for the informative post! Have a great day

    1. GratuiTous
      GratuiTous at |

      Hey awesome Steven!

      Music production is a lot of knowledge to take in all at once. With Beatstruggles, I’ve broken down things I’ve struggled with in my beginnings!

      Browse the tips & tricks section etc.

      Just for you to get an idea of who I am, I’m an artist and beat maker. You can hear my music here:



      Any idea what DAW you are going to go with? (Music program)

      1. Steven Galvin
        Steven Galvin at |

        I’ll be sure to browse around and check your stuff out! I’ve got a lot to learn and the more help I can find the better, plus it pays to analyse those who are more experienced and try to learn from them.

        I’ve decided on using FL, partly because it’s UI is much more appealing to me and it’s the one I’ve done the most work in. I’ve dabbled here and there in others, but none quite feel the same to me as Fruity Loops does.

        1. GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
          GratuiTous (Riley Weller) at |

          I felt the same with with FL Studio!

          It has a lot of cool ways of doing things, but a few things are a bit of a hassle to work with at the same time.

          FL Studio 11 should be releasing this week! (If you purchased, you get unlimited free updates!)

          1. Nyonzima Valentin
            Nyonzima Valentin at |

            you have some good videos nice job

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